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The new miniVNA PRO, the big brother of the well-known miniVNA, is an
extraordinary and unique handheld vector network analyzer that makes available a
multitude of new features and capabilities which are perfect for checking antennas
and RF circuits for hams and commercial users. Together with your PC/Laptop, you
can add to your laboratory the further advantages of having this first-class VNA

This is the first world's wireless analyzer able of scanning and sending the data using
an integrated Bluetooth module to a remote PC/Notebook up to 100 meters from the
miniVNA PRO's location. This makes real-time antenna setup easy!

Check the
Android app. for management via Smartphore or Tablet

- Download PDF
  • – Frequency range from 100 KHz to 200 MHz
  • – Frequency step 1Hz
  • – Range of Z from 1 to 1000 ohm
  • – RF Generator power output of 0 dBm (each)
  • – Extended dynamic range: up to 90 dB in Transmission & 50 dB in Reflection
  • – Built in Bluetooth Class 1 with external antenna on PCB for remote measurements up to 100mt
  • – Supply is powered from USB (220 mA @ 3.6 V) or Internal Battery Li-ion with 1000 mA/h
  • – Built-in battery charger (up to 400 mA)
  • – I/Q DDS Generator 2 channels AD9958 by Analog Devices
  • – Two separate buffered RF output I/Q for SDR experiment and IMD test with independent 0-55 dB attenuator; Phase adjustment resolution of 1 degree.
  • – Full phase measurement
  • – Power save mode
  • – Accessory port for future optional interfaces
  • – SMA connectors for better isolation
  • – Calibration using open-short-load for accurate results
  • – Measurements of motional crystal parameters, cable length, & more
  • – Two ports VNA with S11 and S21; displayed and save results
  • – Export data in several formats like JPEG, EXCEL, ZPLOT, S2P, PDF
  • – Boot loader for future firmware upgrades
  • – User friendly interface for PC Windows Linux and Mac
  • – Integrated Smith chart in software
  • – Android app. for management via Smartphore or Tablet
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Excellent device
Had a good long look at a number of analysers and was going to go for a Rigexpert as I liked the idea of a good all in one device. I then saw some reviews of the Minivna and at first thought it looked too complicated. Havingv researched it more though and paying with the demo for included with BlueVNA decided it was perhaps the way to go. Have used or a few times now, mainly tu tune my buddistick vertical and it has been excellent. Really like being able to leave the minivna where my rig is going to sit and just having to take my phone with me to see the graphs-makes setting up a doddle. The device works very well via Bluetoothand have yet to use it more fully with my pc but delighted with my purchase.
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