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The Alpha Delta 2B is a 2-way position SO-239 switch (1kW) for use up to 500MHz or N-Type 2-way 1.3Ghz.

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Alpha-Delta DELTA-2B

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2 position coaxial switch with SO-239 connectors, good through 500MHz. Precision machined switch shaft and quadrant rotating mechanism for more accurate and stable switching performance. High strength, low resistance silver bearing solder. Excellent housing durability and abrasion resistance with powder coat finish. Brass ARC-PLUG (tm) housing. Low loss micro-strip cavity design, positive detent switching, master antenna ground function, front panel removable ARC-PLUG (tm) surge protection module and excellent HF thru UHF performance.

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Alpha Delta 2B
Alpha Delta 2B
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Price : £64.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)