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The Alpha Delta DX-CC is an 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m dipole.

This antenna is parallel length dipole with no traps; overall length is 82ft.

- Alpha Delta Communications website
- Alpha Delta Cover Sheet

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Suprizingly good antenna Colin 27-12-2014
I have tried a few wired antennas over the years. But this antenna in a inverted V formation is quite something. I have the centre 40 feet up with the ends about 8-10 feet up from the ground. Great care was given to spread the different bands. I get 1:1.5 VSWR best case and 1:2.0 VSWR worse case. The performance is very good with at least 2 S-points above a Dipole. It is also quiter. Overall it is a great aerial and I am pleased with it.
One of the best HF antennas I have used Mike 10-05-2012
Not having the luxury of space to house mononband beams and suchlike, this antenna is a true performer. Nothing I have put up since - verticals and loops matches the performance of my DX-CC I could only just squeeze it into my garden and I am glad I took the risk. In my next house I would certainly be striving to have a DX-LB Plus in place - that would just be amazing. See my QRZ page for images of this antenna installed. I made a centre support for it from non-conductive materials so it is away from the building/ground electronically as much as possible. See M0SAZ 5 Star antenna!

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Alpha Delta DX-CC
Alpha Delta DX-CC
Rating 2
Price : £133.29 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)