Array Solutions Stack Match II

Array Solutions Stack Match II
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WX0B StackMatch, StackMatch II, and Mini StackMatch
Key Benefits of Both the StackMatch and Mini-StackMatch
bulletEasy hook-up, no complex relay switch networks or carefully cut phase lines
bulletWorks with Tri-band and Multi-band antennas as well as Mono-band antennas
bulletAllows user to steer take-off angles of the stack as well as double beam in two or three directions.
bulletStacking antennas adds considerable GAIN and cleans up the pattern.
bulletBIP-BOP (Both in Phase, Both out of Phase) Can be easily achieved for two Mono-Band or multi-band antennas
bulletTwo Feed line Option allows a second radio to utilize 1 beam in a stack of beams when needed.
The StackMatch System now used by over 5,000 stacks around the world! 
Why trust your stacking system to copy cat products? Go with the best proven reliable solution.  That is why we offer the original Array Solutions lifetime warranty. Built tough and now with over 5,000 in service, you know they are the best!
These guys can take it even in New England, Canadian, Northern EU, and in the brutal arctic circle winters. They also beat the heat and moisture down in the tropics. Get a StackMatch, the gold standard!  Trusted by contesters around the world!
Below you will find several versions of the StackMatch product.
  1. The StackMatch - 3kW standard blue box tower mounted 3 antenna Stackmatch
  2. StackMatch II    - 3kW The simple Upper/Lower/Both blue box StackMatch
  3. StackMatch II PLUS - The 5kW StackMatch II with BIP/BOP broadband phasing switch built into it.
  4. HighPower StackMatches - from 5 KW to 20 KW of RF Power
  5. Mini-StackMatch - no relays, just matches 2 or 3 antennas 5KW Standard, 10+ KW Custom built
The StackMatch System, used by over 5,000 stacks around the world! 
bulletThe regular StackMatch is designed to stack, match and power split to one, two or three antennas. But if you just want two antennas see the StackMatch II description below.
It will provide the user with all combinations of antenna selection. In a typical three high mono-band or tri-band Yagi stack this would be represented by looking at the dial on the control box or of course its much easier to just look at the LEDs and see what antennas are being selected.  
Added to the switch  is an "AUX." auxiliary position.  It is used to select the dual feed line option or our new 180 degree phase shifter.   With the dual feedline option a second radio can pull a single antenna out of the stack and make a contact.  Then the antenna can be returned to the stack by rotating the switch back to normal stack operation. If the 180 degree phase shifter option is used the Aux position will switch it in and your stack will generate high angle radiation for E-skip propagation to allow you to work close in stations.  Any of these options can be added to an existing StackMatch stack.  
bulletThe StackMatch defaults to the no power position of ALL antennas selected.   This means that in case of a 12V failure, you still have all the antennas selected.
bulletThe StackMatch is unique in that it does not rely on 1/4 wave phasing lines to accomplish the match to the antennas, instead the user only has to feed each antenna with EQUAL lengths of coaxial cable. The antennas can be mono-band Yagis, tri-band Yagis, single or tri-band quads, or vertical arrays (see StackMatch for Verticals). For diversity transmission and reception a combination of antennas can be accomplished, such as a Yagi and a vertical.
The StackMatch operates from 1.8 through 30Mhz and is rated at 3 kW CW. Below are typical VSWR and Return Loss plots of a StackMatch & StackMath II from 3.5-31.5 Mhz. 
StackMatches are built using strip line PCBs and sealed relays to deliver this kind of performance.  VSWR is the red line read from the left and return loss is the green line. The measurements are made using 50 ohm dummy loads, you will see a 1.0:1 VSWR in the band with real antennas since they are reactive.  These plots are typical of all StackMatch products.

The 6 meter StackMatch operates from 1.8Mhz through 60Mhz and is rated at 2 kW CW on 6 meters  - We hand tune it to take out all inductance for 60 Mhz operation. It is as flat as the curves above.
WX0B StackMatch II and II PLUS
this StackMatch version is now available for two Antennas. Using the same proven reliable circuit board, relays, and lightning prevention circuitry of the original StackMatch, and the same controller but with all of the functions grouped together as in the picture above.  It comes in two versions.
StackMatch II - Two Antennas switch for upper/lower/Both in phase selections
StackMatch II PLUS - 5kW model only - Same features as the StackMatch II but also has a built in 180 degree phase shifter in the remote relay box to give you upper/lower/BIP-BOP (Both in Phase/ Both out of phase) selections.
 The LEDs and the switch displays the antennas selected, Upper, Lower, Both, as well as the Aux "OUT OF PHASE" option. An Array Solutions exclusive function that not only works for mono band antennas but will also work for Tribanders, multibanders, Logs,quads, and verticals.
Specifications for Both StackMatch and StackMatch II
Control voltage12-16VDC 80 ma max
RF powerHF - 3kW CW, 6 meters 2 kW CW 
Frequency HF & 6M1.8 to 30 Mhz, 7-50 Mhz (6 meter model)
Case inside and outsideMetal WX resistant case with galv U bolt
WarrantyLifetime - except for lighting and we can fix that too!
Why be an amateur? - Get a real StackMatch!

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