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The DX Engineering DXE-AOK-17M kit adds 17 meter coverage to the Hustler BTV series of vertical antennas without giving up any existing band coverage. This kit will operate across the entire 17m band with an SWR of 1.5:1 or less.

No disassembly of the existing antenna is required, simply bolt this kit over the 10m trap, make some minimal tuning adjustments and you're on the air with an additional band.
- Power Rating: 500 Watts PEP
- Bandwidth: Covers the Entire 17M band with a SWR of 1.5:1 or less

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BOUGHT ANOTHER! George 07-02-2014
I was so impressed with the add-on kit, I bought another! Why? Becasue I have a Hustler at my house and another at my girlfriend's. The ground conductivity there is better than my home and the performance is exceptional. You'll need to understand how a Hustler resonates. Don't just bung in the ATU and hope for the best - resonate it HF to LF and with this and the other kit, your 6BTV becomes an 8 band marvel. Especially where space is restricted. I have wire mesh buried under both of mine and they work a treat. Again, not cheap but highly recommended if you're prepared to spend the time to make it work. Mine took about an hour per kit.
G4RNI George 31-01-2014
Not cheap but well made and was up & running in a couple of hours, mounted, tuned and along with the 12M version. You need to have the knowledge how to resonate a Hustler xBTV. DO NOT rely upon your ATU read the manual and resonate HF to LF. Can't expect it to work as well as even just a resonant dipole but low profile, fit's in a tiny garden and works. 8 bands on a single pole! For these reasons I'll give it five!

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Rating 2
Price : £119.94 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)