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The DX Engineering DXE-VFCC-H05-A is a 2/5 kW Vertical Feedline Current Choke.

If your antenna SWR is already low and you wish to reduce feedline radiation and improve reception, a Feedline Current Choke is recommended. Adding a DX Engineering Feedline Current Choke at the base of a vertical antenna will substantially reduce unwanted feedline radiation (RFI), reducing the need for improved station grounding.
When quarter-wave antennas are constructed over a good radial system, they have a feedpoint impedance of about 36 ohms. When they are constructed over less than a good radial-system there is a loss introduced into the feed system that adds to the 36-ohm figure. This improves the SWR but there is a loss in the efficiency of the antenna, signals transmitted and received have a higher take-off angle and often there is current introduced on to the feedline.

With a ground-mounted quarter-wave vertical, regardless of the radial situation, but especially with poor radial systems, the feedline can become part of the radial system, causing RFI and poor antenna performance. By using a VFCC at the feedpoint, the feedline is effectively de-coupled from the antenna system, preventing interaction with the radial system, improving antenna efficiency. You may notice improved bandwidth as well.

The Advantages of Using a VFCC:

* Prevents unwanted RFI by eliminating feedline current and radiation
* All power goes to the antenna, improving efficiency
* Reduces noise or unwanted signals picked-up by the feedline
* Overcome a less than optimal ground system
* Bracket isolates the VFCC case from ground for best de-coupling

The DXE-VFCC H05-A Vertical Feedline Current Choke is rated for 2 kW continuous, 5 kW intermittent power. It is designed for use with coaxially fed, 50 ? HF antennas including 1/2-wavelength verticals, dipoles, ground-mounted vertical antennas such as the Hustler BTV series

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Price : £169.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)