ELAD A12-1090 + BT12-Kit
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Same as above but including two patch leads & psu.

The A12-1090 is a pre-amplifier designed specially for any of the Real-Time Virtual Radar products. The Mast Head Pre-amp amplifier increases the range of any of the Real-Time Virtual Radar products considerably. The A12-1090 can be used with any passive antenna like the BS1100 series.

The total package includes B12-1090BT Interface. To supply the A12-1090 pre-amp with power the 12V DC voltage is injected over the coaxial cable. This is supplied via the BT12 interface. The A12-1090BT offers two N-Type connectors (female), the BT12 interface has one N-Type input socket (feed from the masthead A12-1090) and one BNC (to the Virtual Radar Unit).

A 12VDC. is supplied to power the BT12 and two patch cables, one from the mast head to the antenna, the other between the interface to the Virtual Radar Unit.

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An antenna pre-amp should always be mounted as close to the antenna as possible, not at the end of the (long) cable. If the pre-amp is used at the end of the cable (downstairs) it will still amplify the signal, but also the noise added by the cable. This results in a worse signal to noise ratio (SNR) and thereby in less effective decoding of signals. Another advantage of using the pre-amp right at the antenna is that you can use cheaper cable with higher attenuation for the long downlead to your shack.

Technical Data:

Frequencyrange 1030 - 19090MHz
Gain 12dB
Noise figure 0.9dB
Supply voltage 12VDC over coax (remote)
Power consumption 100mA
Max. Input level +2dBm
Connectors 2x BNC female
Size 74 x 93 45 mm
Weatherproof case for mast mount

B12 Interface:

To supply the AS-1090 pre-amp with power the 12V DC voltage is injected over the coaxial cable. This requires a DC injector (Bias-T) at the receiver (downstairs). A suitable Bias-T is the AS-1090BT. The AS-1090BT offers two BNC connectors (female) and a connector for 12VDC.

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