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What makes Ameritron AL-1200 stand out from other amplifiers? The answer: a super heavy duty power supply that loafs at full power - it can deliver power of more than 2500 watts PEP two tone output for 30 minutes

The heart of the AL-1200 power supply is a highly efficient Peter Dahl tape wound Hypersil transformer.

High Current computer grade capacitors - You get genuine high current, full height computer grade capacitors with screw-on terminals.
Eimac 3CX1200A7 - The AL-1200 uses one of Eimac's toughest ceramic transmitting tube -- the reliable 3CX1200A7. It has the durability of glass tubes and the power dissipation of ceramic tubes.


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Ameritron AL-1200XCE Amplifier
Ameritron AL-1200XCE Amplifier
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Price : £3899.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)