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What makes the AL-1200 stand out from other linear amplifiers? The answer is a super heavy duty power supply. The heart of the AL-1200 power supply is a highly efficient Peter Dahl tape wound hypersil transformer. Also high current, full height computer grade capacitors with screw-on terminals are used along with wire wound resistors. The diode rectifiers are rated at 200A, so an accidental short of the high voltage supply will not blow these diodes. The AL-1200XCE uses one 3CX1200A7 ceramic valve, which is Eimac's toughest ceramic transmitting valve making this one of the toughest linears around.

1.8 - 30MHz (inc WARC) - Full 1.5kW output PEP - Built-in 230V AC supply - Uses 3CX1200A7 ceramic valve - Dual meters - Tuned inputs - Warm up time 5 seconds - QSK-5 installed - By-pass switch - Shielded RF compartment - Matches Solid State Rigs - Output: 1,200W (continuous dissipation) - Input: 50 Ohms 90W (typ) 130W (max) - Connectors: SO-239 - Meters: Plate current, Plate Voltage, Drive - ALC, Power output (PEP) Watts - Matching: Pi-network input, Pi-L output - Voltage: 3,300V - PTT: Keys amp when grounded - Size: 470 x 432 x 254mm - Weight: 35kg

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Ameritron AL-1200XQCE Amplifier
Ameritron AL-1200XQCE Amplifier
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Price : £4199.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)