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High quality pre-amp with variable gain control and band pass filters to minimise interference.
Switchable bands covering 24MHz-2.4GHz. Can be battery powered from an internal 9V PP3, or external 12V DC.

BNC Plug on one end and BNC socket on the other, the unit will fit on top of a handheld scanner or in line for use with a base receiver. Fitted band pass filters for much improved performance. Can be powered by its internal battery ( 1 x PP3 9v type ) or from 12v Dc.

* Frequency Range : 24Mhz to 2150 Mhz
* Variable gain : -10dB to + 20dB
* Power :12V DC or internal Battery
* Size : 95 x 50 x 33mm
* Weight : 180g


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Jim M-75 Preamp
Jim M-75 Preamp
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Price : £99.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)