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6m (50-54MHz) - Radiator length: 3/2 Wavelength - Feedline: 50 Ohm - Matching: Dedicated Matching Unit - Feedline: RG-8X for short runs, RG-213 over 22m - Power: 1.5kW CW/SSB - Radials: Not required
The BigSig-6 is a singleband loop antenna that offers the same spectacular level of performance available only from high performance loops. The BigSig-6 is a 3/2 wavelength loop, yet it is only 9.1m (30ft) in circumference or just 3.9m (13ft) across the top when configured as a Delta-loop. The major lobes are broadside to the loop which means that it transmits best in directions straight through the loop. Radiation is minimal off the ends of the loop.

The BigSig-6 is almost fully assembled apart from two connections which must be soldered

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Radio Works BIGSIG-6, 6m Loop Antenna
Radio Works BIGSIG-6, 6m Loop Antenna
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Price : £71.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)