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This is no longer available please see the EAntenna 40OCF1,5 OCF WINDOM 40m 1,5kW - R2010021

Radio Works Carolina Windom 20

Carolina Windom (CW-20) - 20, 15, 10m - Gain, low angle: 5dB - Length: 10.36m (34ft) - Feeder: 50 Ohms - Matching: Balun/Line isolator - Transmatch: Required - SWR: Low - Power: 1.5kW - V Radiator: 3m (10ft) - Install: >7.6m (25ft) above ground.
With the Carolina Windom 20 the size comes down to a very easily accommodated 10.36m (34ft) and yet you get 5-band coverage. It has an ideal radiation pattern and an unusually low angle of radiation, making a true backyard DX antenna. The absence of traps and the 1.5kW power rating means you have no chance of damaging the antenna, even with big linears. On all bands above 20m it will leave the G5RV standing! Most internal ATUs will have no trouble in matching this antenna.

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Radio Works CW-20, Carolina Windom
Radio Works CW-20, Carolina Windom
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Price : £104.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)