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This is no longer available please see the EAntenna 40OCF1,5 OCF WINDOM 40m 1,5kW - R2010021

Radio Works Carolina Windom 40

Carolina Windom (CW-40) - 40 - 10m (Inc WARC) - Gain, low angle: 5 - 10dB - Length: 20.1m (66ft) - Feeder: 50 Ohms - Matching: Balun/Line isolator - Transmatch: Required - SWR: Low - Power: 1.5kW - V Radiator: 3m (10ft) - Install: >7.6m (25ft) above ground.
Covering six bands, yet only requiring 20.1m (66ft) of space, this antenna is one of our most popular models. The vertical section offers excellent low angle radiation and offers some useful DX opportunities for a remarkably low outlay. If you use an internal ATU, it is recommended you feed the antenna with 86ft of coax. If you have been using something like a G5RV you will be really impressed with the improvement, particularly on 10m and 15m bands. And remember, these are the bands that are likely to offers the best DX as we progress into the new.

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Radio Works CW-40, Carolina Windom
Radio Works CW-40, Carolina Windom
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Price : £121.96 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)