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This is no longer available please see the EAntenna 40OCF1,5 OCF WINDOM 40m 1,5kW - R2010021

Radio Works Carolina Windom 40 (LP)

Carolina Windom (CW-40LP) - 40 - 10m - Gain, low angle: 5 - 10dB - Length: 20.1m (66ft) - Feeder: 50 Ohms - Matching: Balun/Line isolator - Transmatch: Required - SWR: Low - Power: 600W - Install: >9-12m (30-40ft) above ground.
The CW-40LP Carolina Windom (LP) designation relates to Low Profile characteristic rather than low power and has been designed with smaller compoents that its main counterpart.

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Radio Works CW-40 (LP), Carolina Windom (LP)
Radio Works CW-40 (LP), Carolina Windom (LP)
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Price : £119.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)