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Carolina "Short" 80 - 10m - Radiator length: 25.6 or 30.4m (84 or 100ft) - Vertical Radiator: 6.7m (22ft) - Polarization: Vert & Horiz - Feedline: 50 Ohm coax - Matching: DMU + Transmatch - Transmatch: Required - Power: 1.5kW CW/SSB - Install: >12m (40ft) above ground - Radials: Not required
The Carolina Beam 80 is part Carolina Windom and part Bobtail Curtain (sometimes called a 'half square'). It takes advantage of the best characteristics of both antennas. The Carolina Beam has three vertical radiators directly interconnected by the single horizontal radiator. It is this unique integration of horizontal and vertical radiation components that accounts for the outstanding performance of this antenna system. Another great advantage is its short length, only 30.4m (100ft) long.

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Radio Works SHORT-80, Carolina Short
Radio Works SHORT-80, Carolina Short
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Price : £147.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)