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Short-80-Special Carolina "Short" 80 - 10m - Radiator length: 12.8 or 15.24m (42 or 50ft) - Verticals: 2.4+3+4.8m (8+10+16ft) or 2.4+3+2.4m (8+10+8ft) - Polarization: Vert & Horiz - Feedline: 50 Ohm coax - Matching: DMU + Transmatch - Transmatch: Required - Power: 1.5kW (40-10m) CW/SSB, 500W (80m) CW/SSB - Install: >9m (30ft) above ground - Radials: Not required
The Carolina Beam 80 Special permits 80m operation in only (50 or 66ft) of space. This is a great way to get on to 80m when space is limited. Performance on 80m will be down from a full-sized Carolina Beam 80, but this has not proved a problem. On the other bands, 40 to 10m full performance is provided. A new DMU has been designed to handle the enormous RF current demands when operating on 80m, and the Line Isolator has been also modified.

A wide range manual transmatch is a must with this antenna.

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Radio Works SHORT-80 Special, Carolina Short
Radio Works SHORT-80 Special, Carolina Short
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Price : £147.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)