Miracle Antenna MMD Mixed-Mode Dipole

Miracle Antenna MMD Mixed-Mode Dipole
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THIS IS NOW OBSOLETE AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE            The first and only electrically centre-fed mechanically end-fed dipole ever offered to the Ham Radio market, the MMD provides a host of benefits never available in an end-fed dipole.

  • Tunes its main band with no tuner - tunes other bands with a regular tuner
  • Feedline not frequency-dependant - may be lengthened or shortened at will
  • Feedline currents and RF in shack eliminated without extra chokes or baluns
  • No tension required to support feedline - opens endless installation possibilities
  • Common-mode noise eliminated for the quietest receiver performance ever
  • Connector and 16-ft feedline included - ready to operate right out of the box
Unique new design- the MMD is electrically center-fed and physically end-fed.

The MMD17 arrived Friday morning from my favourite kit supplier here in the UK (Martin Lynch & Son) and after getting the dipole up outside on the morning of the next day rec'd 5/9 into Spain.

Well, nothing particularly marvelous about that you might think. Well, let me tell you that was my first HF contact since moving to my current address over 2 years ago! And there's more . . . I am operating from a basement flat with th MMD17 only 10 feet from the ground surrounded by 16 feet concrete walls on all sides with so little room that both ends of the antenna are dropping 4 feet at right-angles due to lack of space. Oh, and the contact was on 20 meters (tunned with my fab Z11 Pro2).

Who say's you can't opearate out of a tin can!:-)
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