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<2m/70cm Dualband Base/Repeater Vertical Antenna >

Band: 2m/70cm
Gain (dB): 4.5/7.2
Max Power Rating: 200
Wind Rating: 135 MPH (no ice)
Height (feet): 5.6
Connector: N-Type
Element Phasing: 3-1/4<λ>, 3-5/8<λ>

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Excellent Performer, solid antenna Mike 02-05-2015
This antenna is probably the highest gain single section dual band vertical on the market. With the lack of multiple sections, it makes the design virtually bombproof yet still boasting incredible gain figures compared with the X30 or similar. I run my X50N with RG-213 which is only a short run to my radio (FT-7900) and I can open repeaters as far as Cambridgeshire from the Suffolk coast where I live. Would happily buy again (not that I will need to this thing just won't break or fall apart). Mike M0SAZ

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