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Ideal for use with any HF-6m transceiver, this simple to erect vertical is perfect for portable or home use and can be packed into a back less than 12” long for portability.
Revised Instruction Manual

The Chapstick is a 10-40m portable vertical antenna. Ideally suited to compact HF rigs (FT-817/IC-703), because of the high power handling this antenna system can also be used with 100 Watt HF transceivers like FT-857/FT-897/IC-7000/TS-480 etc.

You can also add the Chapstick LF-80 Coil for full operation on the 80m band.

Please note that you may wish to order the Chapstick Tripod for truly quick-instal HF operation.

This super-collapsible design is only 12" (30.48cm) in size before assembly and around 7 1/2 feet (2.28m) when fully extended for 80m. This new design has a satin finish and for a limited time we are throwing in the 80m coil for nothing. It's a good deal and a perfect purchase for the current sunny days out and about /P.

80m-6m with optional LF-80 80m Coil.
Max Power 150Watts.
Weight: 1029 grams
Max. Input: 150 W

Or buy the complete system with Tripod, 80m Coil - see "Chapstick complete"

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Price : £119.94 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)