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Price : £159.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)
Ex-VAT Price : Price : £133.29
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PLEASE SEE : Superantenna MP1 DLX - Deluxe Package

The #1 HF Portable Vertical in the world.          

To celebrate the NEW SUPERSTICK from SUPER ANTENNA CORPORATION we are bundling in the 80m Coil FREE!

As featured on the back page of RadCom October 2012 issue

The ChapStick is dead.         Long live the New Super-Stick from Super Antenna USA!



The New MP1 SuperStick is the latest design from the inventor, Vern Wright, W6MMA.


Covering a massive 80m right through to 148MHz*, this simple to erect compact vertical antenna weighs only 1kG, is only 2.1m tall when fully extended and collapses down to just 30.5cm (12”)!


Thousands of the original MP1 Chapstick have been sold worldwide and ML&S are proud to have been appointed Super Antenna Corporation's new UK distributor.  

Martin Lynch said;


*With optional 80 & 60m coils


Product features:

  • Ham bands: 40m-30m-20m-17m-15m-12m-10m-6m-2m
  • Frequency Range: HF 7MHz~30MHz continuous
  • Frequency Range VHF 48 to 148MHz continuous
  • SWR: 1.5 : 1 or better
  • Rated Power: 500W SSB; 300W CW / DIGITAL
  • Antenna weight: < 2 pounds (1kg)
  • Also configurable for up to 450MHz
  • Standard 3/8"-24 male thread for mounting
  • Low Profile TM1 Tripod included
  • MC80 80m Coil included for 80m band Only £159.95 including the 80m Coil FREE!
MP-1 SuperStick Portable Vertical Antenna

7 MHz to 148 MHz continuous, good SWR. SuperSlider Coil, telescopic whip, 
with MR1 Counterpoise & TM1 Tripod.  PLUS FREE MC80 80m Coil!

The package comprises of:
  • 1 SuperSlider, variable sliding SuperCoil
  • 1 Telescopic SuperWhip tip
  • 2 Extension bottom rods with 1 Coupling Nut
  • 1 Basic Counterpoise MR1 system
  • TM1 SuperMount Low Profile Tripod
  • Free MC80 coil for 80m operation
See what Dan Van Hoy, VR2HF in Hong Kong recently said about the new SuperStick:

Hi Bonnie,

I've spent more than eight hours (more to come too!) testing and using
the MP1B with TM1 out in my yard (See images)  in front of the ham shack
on all band, 80-10 meters.  It loaded up just fine on TX and did a
good job on RX.

One big help this weekend was the All Asia DX contest.  Working
stations all around Asia  with the MP1B was no problem.  The big
question was could I work anything in the States?  The answer is YES!
They were all below S3 on 15 meters with QSB and QRM and included
K6HP, W6TK, K7RL and N9RV in Montana.  This is amazing considering
where the MP1B was placed with chain link and concrete fence all
around and the poor propagation.  The MP1B certainly exceeded my
expectations with this test.

In a couple of hours 20-10 meters may be opening up to Europe (10
meters was open last night).  If the bands do open I'll see if I can
work some EU stations even though there is a big mountain in the way!

What have you worked on your New SuperStick? Send your comments and images to here


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Rating 6
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Ray Ray 02-07-2014
Not tested on air yet (bought mainly for use when away from main shack) but first impressions on the construction of the MP1 are that the all-important threaded sections should have fewer turns per inch to assist in ease of assembly, especially as they are mainly of aluminium and cross threading could be a bit disastrous. Aluminium threads also have higher friction than polished metals and I would strongly recommend the use of silicone grease (transparent and non-oily) on all the threads to help in this (it's also handy for electrical uses like switches, car ignition, etc.). That said, the on-air performance reported by others looks to be excellent. I'm looking forward to comparing the use of wire counterpoises with being placed on the middle of my car roof when on the tripod - firmly parked of course!
Alan Alan 02-04-2014
Bought the Superstick as I needed a light, portable antenna to use at my partners location. As she lives in a town house with only a patio, antenna choice is hugely limited; no room for a dipole, and cannot erect a vertical, I needed something that would fit on the patio - and could be packed away when I am not there. Full marks to ML&S for delivering within 24hrs. In operation, it works. It isn't fantastic - especially compared to a dipole or cobwebb, but it does the job. On 10W I was able to work RT80KEDR from the Mondrian, Glasgow - longpath, given the 3 storey townhouses between the antenna and Moscow. Back home, in the Lakes (electrically much quieter), it performed well working in Russia, Italy, Germany. It has three practical weak points: Firstly the legs screw into a small, circular stand. Given they have to support the stand off the ground, they screwholes are angles upwards into the stand. This is not a problem; the issue is the use of a fine bore thread, which is not robust. With constant (dis)assembly, there is the potential to cross-thread the bores. Secondly, still on construction, the nylon screw which fixes the slider to the coil is fragile. Over-tightening the screw will break it. Lastly is tuning, which is less of a long term problem. The 'super slider' is a coil trap, shortening the antenna electrically to 'match' the desired frequency. Not a problem. However, the bandwidth is very very small. The antenna comes supplied with an A4 'template' to hold next to and adjust the slider correspondingly, but this is only a rough guide. In use, one needs an antenna analyser to set the slider precisely in the middle of the desired band and achieve a sufficiently low SWR. It will cover the major portion of a band (for example 14.175 - 14.325) within 1.5:3 SWR, but move out that and you will need to adjust the coil - and re-test with an analyser. I found my old FT-890 with inbuilt ATU was able to better tune than my FT-897D and FT-30 ATU, but the FT897 of course has batteries, making it ideal for operating in my garden (60m away from the house). I don't consider it a long term issue, as one can mark centre-of-frequency on the coil and then use an ATU to match, and as with most other equipment 'experience' will bring familiarity. Overall, a great little antenna for the price and size. The sections are all short enough to fit into a camera tripod bag, complete with 10m or so of RG-58 coax, making it easy to pack away and carry for portable use. It takes about 2minutes to assemble, weighs nothing, and works quite well for what it is. I have no doubt that replacing the supplied extendable antenna portion would improve operation, maybe I'll get round to that in the future. Good value for money, and thanks to ML&S for the fast delivery.
great antenna CHRIS 23-06-2013
i use the original mp-1 , this antenna never fails to produce some great dx, recently a holiday to mid wales produced 150 qso,s and 40 dxcc including 9M2 , JA , EX , K2 with just a few hours of casual operating.73 Chris G4UDG.
Super Stick MP1 PETER 27-03-2013
I was a little sceptical about the performance of this Super Stick MP1 because of my past experience with portable antennas in the past but boy ho boy does this bit of kit perform. The antenna is placed at the back of me in my bedroom and the contacts all over Europe and coming thick and fast without having to scream my head off. No states side yet but I think this antenna is quite capable of doing so when used outside given the reports back I have had so far with the European contacts already. A bit pricey but the rule of thumb is YOU ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. And the Super stick MP1 labels this point. What a nice bit of kit and a real eye opener and a purchase you will not regret.
Fantastic Antenna ! Etienne 16-11-2012
I bought this antenna from ML&S about 2 months ago and used it at the last JOTA. I must say that it performed extremely well as a portable antenna and I had some good contacts around Europe. I also use this antenna inside my 2nd story flat, and although the noise level is a bit high due to it being a vertical, I have managed contacts to New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan and South America on it with about 50 watts. I am very impressed with it's performance and how easy it is to tune. Great product! Etienne - M0ZAN. 73
Worked Brazil from INSIDE the flat... Ashley 29-10-2012
I bought this at the RSGB Convention thinking that I'd try it inside the flat or out hung out of a window, if that failed then at least if have a good lightweight portable antenna. In less than ideal conditions with the SuperStick strung up from my curtain pole on the inside of the flat window, I was amazed to find that in just one weekend I managed to work the US, Canada, Jamaica, Colombia and Brazil. I'm very much looking forward to trying out outdoors but I can honestly say that this works well as an indoor stealth antenna. So far I've managed to manually tune to almost 1:1 SWR on 20m and 40m and 1.5-2 on 15m, though I still had no trouble getting a hundred contracts on 15m during CQWW.

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SuperStick Portable Vertical Antenna
SuperStick Portable Vertical Antenna
Rating 6
Price : £159.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)