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100 Watt - HF/50 & 50W on 70MHz SDR TRANSCEIVER with SSB / CW / RTTY / AM / FM

IC-7300 on demonstration in store

Update for Ordering RadioSport Headsets:

IC-7300 8-Pin Foster CS6-ICM 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Plug w/1/4" Adapter M360


Icom revealed their first Software Defined Radio (SDR) HF transceiver, the 
IC-7300, on Saturday, August 22nd 2015, at the Tokyo Ham Fair.  The IC7300 sports HF+6m+4m coverage, it’s 100W, houses an eye-catching touchscreen TFT display and also includes an internal antenna tuner. 

·         High Quality Real-Time Spectrum Scope
·         RF Direct Sampling System
·         Class Leading Phase Noise Characteristics
·         Large Touch Screen Colour TFT LCD
·         Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner
·         Easy-to-Hear Sound Quality
·         All modes,  HF + 50 MHz + 70 MHz

The IC-7300 transceiver, an aesthetically, attractive looking base station, features a 4.3 inch touch screen colour TFT LCD screen with a high performance real time band scope.

A first for an Amateur radio transceiver, the IC-7300 uses a RF Direct Sampling System, a technology normally seen in Software Defined Radios. RF signals are mostly processed through the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array), rather than by physical devices enabling high performance real-time spectrum scope in a compact body.

The IC-7300 also includes a built-in integrated wide-frequency Automatic Antenna Tuner making the unit ideal for field operation. The radio provides 100 watts output power on HF/50MHz bands and 50 watts on 70MHz (European versions only).

So, it appears that more than 12 years after SDR technology became commercially available for amateur radio users and after dozens of smaller companies have used it successfully in their products (some of which are now on the third generation SDR products), one of "the big three" amateur radio equipment manufacturers finally decided to move their technology to the 21st century, too.

Although details are currently scarce and the majority of them are in Japanese, we know the internal architecture of the Icom IC-7300 is a direct sampling, Software Defined Radio that uses a 124MHz ADC - Icom hasn't yet decided on the exact ADC model for mass production. With no details about dynamic range, noise floor, other ADC, FPGA or DSP specs available thus far, it's hard to speculate about the performance.

The IC-7300 is a medium sized-radio (240x238x95), in the Yaesu FT-991 class as far as size and weight goes, and Icom appear to be advertising it it as a field radio. Has all the functions of a base-station, but can also be used mobile as it has an internal antenna tuner and kits compact size means it doesn't take much space in your car's boot while travelling.

The Icom IC-7300's display is a quality 4.3" TFT - and that is indeed necessary since it's an SDR, so you have the benefit of a large spectrum display.

Besides the 100W HF+6m+4m IC-7300, the local Japanese market will get two other models: the 50W IC-7300M and the 10W IC-7300S.

High Quality Real-time Spectrum Scope:

Now, a serious spectrum scope is NOT a “privilege” of high-grade models. The high resolution real-time spectrum scope comes loaded with the IC-7300.  Its real-time spectrum scope with waterfall function provides top-level performance in resolution, sweep speed and dynamic range.

¡ Real-time Spectrum Scope Capabilities

RF Direct Sampling System — A First in Amateur Radio*:
Instead of the conventional superheterodyne system, the IC-7300 utilizes the RF direct sampling system — a first in an amateur radio transceiver. This technology is seen in Software Defined Radios and other radio equipment. RF signals are mostly processed through the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gßate Array), making it possible to eliminate physical mixer and filter devices and offer a high performance real-time spectrum scope in a compact body.

* Researched by Icom, among major amateur radio manufactures.


Class Leading Phase Noise Characteristics: 
Overcoming cost and performance limitations of the superheterodyne system, the RF direct sampling system pursues ideal high performance phase noise. As the result, compared to the IC-7200, the IC-7300’s phase noise characteristics are improved about 15dB (at 1kHz frequency offset). This superior phase noise reduces noise components in both receive and transmit signals.


Large Touch Screen Color TFT LCD: 
The IC-7300 has a large color TFT LCD and it can be used as a touch screen. This user-friendly interface provides intuitive operation. Using the software keypad of the touch screen, you can easily set various functions and edit memory contents.


Multi-dial Knob for Smooth Operation: 
When you push the multi-dial knob, menu items are shown on the right side of the display. You can select an item with a touch of the screen and adjust levels by turning the multi-dial knob. This combination of the multidial knob and touch screen offers quick and smooth operation.


Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner:
The high-speed automatic antenna tuner is built into a compact chassis (240 (W) × 238 (D) × 95 (H) mm; 9.45 × 9.37 × 3.74 in). You can easily carry the radio and enjoy field operation.


Easy-to-Hear Sound Quality: 
To offer optimum sound quality, a new speaker unit is employed and is allocated sufficient space in the aluminium die-cast chassis.

Other Features 

• Voice memory function 
• Memory keyer functions for CW and RTTY 
• RTTY decode log function 
• Screen capture 
• SD card slot 
• USB for CI-V and audio input/output 
• Large cooling fan system 
• Multi-function meter 
• 101 memory channels (99 regular and 2 scan edge channels) 
• Multiple CW functions 
• Digital noise reduction 
• 100W output power on HF/50MHz bands and 50W on 70MHz band* (*Europe versions only) 
• SSB, CW, RTTY, AM and FM modes

Click HERE to see the first videos on the IC-7300


Good morning,

I received the package from you, IC-7300, in very good condition.

Also, I was very impressed with the fast way that you send me the invoice via e-mail really quickly, as the invoice was not in package when it arrived.

Because of these things, I want to say a big thank you and be sure that I will let other people know how serious and dedicated your company is.

Also I would like to thank the delivery company DPD for the way they acted when they arrived.

Kind regards, Romica Agu - YO9FDX


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IC7300 Win 7 Jeff 08-08-2016
A cautionary tale- I had this radio up and running on WSPR and it suddenly failed 'USB device not recognised' in Windows after a few days. I thought the 7300 USB interface had failed (just about to phone ML&S) but to be sure I rolled my WIN7 Professional back to its 27/07 checkpoint and it's now working properly again:-) Thank you Microsoft for sending out a they ever test anything properly? I doubt it.
IC7300 Jeff 01-08-2016
I have had this radio nearly 2 weeks now. Excellent build quality and a function rich radio. The rf gain / squelch fooled me for 10 mins as it was turned fully anti-clockwise as received, and it seemed the radio was deaf. Be aware this control behaves differently from a 'conventional' (non-SDR) radio. I now have it working well on WSPR having changed the CI-V Address to 76h as used by my IC7200 as the IC7300 isn't defined to WSPR-X (yet). I will now have to re-deploy my IC7200. This is an excellent value for money radio with a great (quiet) receiver...and once again great service from ML&S - delivered safely and on time:-)

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Icom IC7300 - HF/50/70MHz TRANSCEIVER
Icom IC-7300 - HF/50/70MHz TRANSCEIVER
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Price : £1049.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)