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Icom ID-5100E - Dual Band D-STAR Mobile Radio - Free SD CARD
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  • IC-2820 v ID-5100 Comparison video by Icom USA
  • Sneak Preview of the new Icom ID-5100
  • 30 of October 2014 - Major Software Release
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Icom are pleased to announce details of the new ID-5100 dual band D-STAR mobile. As with Icom’s latest range of products, this new model has a new generation design and range of features including large, responsive touch screen LCD, Bluetooth connectivity and second station control through an Android device*.

Only ML&S now supplies this radio with a FREE pre-programmed SD card;

  • 285 VHF/UHF FM Repeaters
  • 65 DSTAR Repeaters
  • 65 DV Nodes
  • D-star Repeater list - UK now has THREE banks being UK Repeaters / UK Nodes / UK Analog
  • 64 Reflectors -
  • UK Calling Frequencies for 2m, 2m DSTAR, 70cm, 70cm DSTAR
  • Free space on the card allows up to 68 hours of recording time

Icom is supplying the radio in two versions:


The standard version, complete with multi-functional microphone and hanger, DC power and controller cables and CS-5100 cloning software will be available for £499.95 (inc.VAT).

ID-5100E Deluxe

Includes Bluetooth features and mounting equipment: MBF-1 Suction cup mounting bracket; MBA-2 controller bracket; UT-133 Bluetooth unit and VS-3 Bluetooth headset with a price of £639.95!





Please Note, to update your firmware, you will require one of the following data connection cables:


Intuitive touch screen operation, Menu-driven user interface
The intuitive touch screen interface provides quick and smooth operation for setting and editing various
functions and memories. The 5.5 inch display (320 × 128 pixel) shows a large easy-to-see software keypad
(QWERTY keyboard), and allows you to input alphanumeric characters quickly.
  •  VHF/UHF, VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF Dual receive
The ID-5100E receives 118–174MHz and 375–550MHz with dual receiver capability that allows you to
receive two bands simultaneously (including within a single band). Almost all VHF & UHF communications
are available to you!
  • DV Dualwatch
The ID-5100E has simultaneous receive for FM/FM and FM/DV modes, and the capability of monitoring
two DV signals. The main band audio has priority, if two DV signals come in at the same time.
  • Integrated GPS receiver
The ID-5100E has an integrated GPS which allows you to transmit and receive position data from the
built-in GPS receiver. Position, course, speed and altitude are shown on the display. The GPS position
information can be used for exchanging position reports, tracing the GPS log and searching for nearby
repeater sites. The GPS antenna is located in the remote head, no external GPS antenna required.
  • DV/FM Repeater list function
The DV/FM repeater list function assists you in accessing near-by repeaters, even where you are visiting
an area for the first time. The function searches for near-by repeaters using the repeater memories with
the GPS position information. To use the repeater list function, the position data of the repeater is
required in the repeater list. The ID-5100E will be shipped with a limited number of repeater memories
  • Dplus reflector linking
Dplus Reflector link commands are added to the DR function to allow easy reflector operation. Use
Reflector, link/unlink to Reflector, echo test and repeater information commands are selectable.
  • UT-133 Bluetooth unit (option)
The UT-133 is the optional Bluetooth board necessary for operation with the optional VS-3 headset and
the optional RS-MS1A, Android application.
  • VS-3 Bluetooth headset (option)
The optional Bluetooth headset, VS-3, can be used for hands-free communication and remotely control
the ID-5100E with three programmable buttons. Providing you with convenient communication in a

Date: 30/10/2014

ID-5100E D-STAR Mobile Firmware Update (Release E2) & CS-5100 Cloning Software Update (Rev. 1.10)

This is to inform you that Icom Inc. has published a firmware update for the ID-5100E and an update for the CS-5100 cloning software on their global website.

Before you install either the firmware or software, download the installation guide using the link on the firmware update page, or from the support webpage.

These updates provide the following improvements:

ID-5100E D-STAR Mobile Firmware Update (Release E2)

1. DV Fast Data setting has been added.
2. Near Repeater Search function has been improved.
3. Tone squelch (TSQL) is now supported when using FM repeaters in the DR function.
4. [TONE] FUNC key is now displayed when using FM repeaters in the DR function. (Only ID-5100E)
5. A “to me: Alarm/High Tone” option has been added in the Standby Beep function, and is set as the default.
6. Receive history screen default has been changed from call signs to names.
7. Receive history screen setting is now saved.
8. A function has been added in the DV mode to display the distance between you and the other station from GPS data that is in the recorded audio files.
9. GPS Record Sentence option has been added in GPS Logger.
10. External GPS option has been added to GPS Select in GPS Setting to support an external GPS receiver input from the DATA jack.
11. The Save and Load speed of icf setting files and CSV repeater list files to/from an SD card is faster.
12. Beep tones sound when pushing the headset PTT on a non-Icom Bluetooth headset.

Please note:

a. An OPC-2350LU, OPC-1529R or OPC-2218LU is required to install the firmware update. To use the OPC-2218LU for the first time, a USB driver is required.
b. Before downloading, thoroughly read " Firmware update instructions".
c. CAUTION: You MUST first save your transceiver's data onto an SD card or your PC using the CS-5100 cloning software. ALL the transceiver’s data will be erased during the update.
d. Never turn OFF the equipment power or disconnect the data communication cable during the update.
e. The following firmware has been updated:

- CPU M to Version 1.10
- CPU C to Version 1.10
- DSP to Version 1.10

CS-5100 Rev. 1.10 Updated cloning software

1. DV Fast Data setting has been added.
2. A new setting has been added to display either the registered names or the call signs in the Receive History Log.
3. A new alarm tone Stand-by Beep option has been added to Sounds in Digital Setting.
4. An External GPS option has been added to GPS Select in GPS Setting.
5. A Record Sentence option has been added to GPS Logger in GPS Setting.
6. A TSQL option has been added to the Tone selection in the FM Repeater List.

Please note:

a. CS-5100 Revision 1.00 cannot read icf files made by Revision 1.10 software.
b. Before downloading, please thoroughly read "ID-5100A/E Cloning Software Instructions" for installation details and what is required for the installation.

The firmware and cloning software can be downloaded from the following URL on the Icom Inc website:


Corporate background (
Icom UK Ltd was established in 1974 and is the sole UK and Republic of Ireland importer and distributor for Icom Inc., of Osaka, Japan. Based in Herne Bay, Kent the company is privately owned with over 30 staff.

The company is one of the country's leading distributors of two way radio communications products and has built a reputation over the last 40 years for providing the business, marine, aviation, Amateur radio markets with high quality products and excellent service.



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(1 reviews)Write a review
I have had this rig now since July 2015 and am really pleased with it. It was my first DStar radio and with the large touch screen I was quickly able to work out how to use it - helped by MS&L's pre-programmed SD card. As I use it in the shack the Nifty Desk Stand is a must have and for the price is a no brainer. Good on Martin.
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