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The Kenwood TM-V71E is the NEW 2m/70cm Dual Band Transceiver from Kenwood Electronics, which comes with an impressive 50W output on both VHF and UHF bands and dual receive functionality.

The Kenwood TM-V71E is one of the first mobile radio's to introduce EchoLink integration within the radio, selecting memories and terminal operation.

- Accessories
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- Menu System
- Wide Band Reception : 118-524MHz & - 800-1300MHz as standard
- Separate VOL/SQL for A and B Bands
- 6-Pin Mini-DIN connector for External TNC
- 8-Pin Mini-DIN connector for PC connection
- Programmable Function Keys
- Band Mask (Mask unused band)
- Call Channel
- S-meter Squelch & Hysteresis Timer
- Monitor Function
- Audio Mute & Hang-up Timer
- Automatic Power Off (up to 3-hours)
- MHz Mode
- Selectable Frequency Step
- Shift Function
- Repeater Offset (selectable)
- Automatic Repeater Offset (On/Off, VHF only)
- Reverse Function
- DTMF Memory (10 channels, 16 digits)
- Time-Out Timer
- Key Lock
- Power-on Password Protection
- Memory Shift
- Programmable VFO
- Beep On/Off, Volume Control
- Microphone program Function
- Channel Display Mode
- Power-On Message
- LCD Brightness Control, Automatic Dimmer
- Switch to External Speaker
- Reset (VFO, PART, PM, FULL)
- Cross Band Repeater Function (Dealer Modification)
- DTMF Remote Control (available in Cross Band Repeater mode)

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Kenwood TM-V71E
Kenwood TM-V71E
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Price : £299.95 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)