Leixen VV-898 - Dual Band - Mobile - 10W

Leixen VV-898 - Dual Band - Mobile - 10W
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No longer available. 

Simple to use, no frills full 2m and 70cm DUAL-BAND Mobile.  Nice clear bright LCD display, fantastic crisp clear audio, supplied mobile bracket, microphone, DC lead and Handbook.   200 memories as standard and a healthy 4W or 10W (switchable) output on both bands.
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here (the file is compressed - you need extract it before use)

(4 reviews)Write a review
Ideal First Radio
Having passed my Foundation in November 2015 I was using a Baofeng UV5R until I saw the Leixen on sale so ordered one. Easy to set up, a doddle to program with chirp, and good reports even on a loft antenna.
Paul M6HXA
This seems a great start for a foundation license (like me) for 2m/70cm. The power conforms to 10W, the price is great, the build quality is very strong. I am not very experienced, but whats not to like about this breat little TX.
Great value and not bad performance
Like all these low cost rigs, it needs programming , although manual entry isn't that bad , I've just got my Foundation Licence and thus is a good starter rig. I've just programmed it with Chirp and now it's much more friendly , audio gets positive reception reports, and you can't beat it for the money , and it's so small and light you could mount it using Velco when mobile
Tiny and not bad for the price
The first radio that I was sent didn't behave well, locking up and clicking all the time. A quick call to Martin Lynch and it was exchanged the following day with no hassle. UPS arrived, took the faulty one and delivered a new one at the same time. SUPERB SERVICE - Thank you Martin Lynch and Sons! The replacement works well. As it is so small, 4.75"W x 3.5"D x 1.5"H it easily fits in the coin tray in my car! You really do need to buy the programming lead and software or you will be there for hours programming it, getting more and more frustrated. The programming software is very similar to that Baofeng app where you filling a spreadsheet like table and upload it to the rig. The manual is the usual Chinese style where sometimes things are a little cryptic, but OK once you get your head around it. One thing that neither the manual or the box state is that this rig also receives on the 220MHz US band. Coverage is from 200-260MHz. You find that out from the programming software as it gives you the option to program that as the primary band when switching to VFO. Also, you can key in any frequency in that range from the mic on VFO mode. The rig does NOT transmit in this range. Not that we can use it in the UK, but the coverage may well be of interest to some for receive. In use, it is fairly obvious that this rig has been built to a price. Some of the functions need to be programmed into the buttons, so that it is user friendly. Once you get used to it and remember what you have programmed in for short and long presses on the programmable buttons, things get easier. The mic keypad can also be used for direct frequency input, stepping up and down channels, changing volume, etc. which is nice. One thing that it doesn't cope well with is co channel interference/breakthrough from strong signals on the same band. Sitting on the sea front where there are some marine and pager txs, the rig is pretty much unusable within 1/4 mile, just making a loud screeching noise on virtually all of the 2m band. When away from this type of installation thought the rig works pretty well and is a cheap way to have a rig permanently in the car. Audio is clear from the small speaker on the top of the rig and audio reports are also good.
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