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Compact in design, the IC-FR3100/FR4100 will instantaneously retransmit received audio without any noticeable delay and extend the operating range of a radio scheme even further. Designed to enhance coverage of a two-way radio system, the IC-FR3100/F4100 can be added to an existing radio system.

Two versions are available, IC-FR3100 for VHF, for wide area or the IC-FR4100 UHF version for on site systems. Incorporating a large heat sink, cooling fan and high performance power amplifier, the repeater provides a stable 25W of output power allowing a radio scheme to be boosted beyond the range of normal Private Mobile Radio (PMR) networks.



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Icom IC-FR3100/4100 (Commercial)
Icom IC-FR3100/4100 (Commercial)
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Price : £1628.88 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)