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The MRP repeater series uses a combination of 2 Icom IC-F510/IC-F610 mobile radios and can be used as a VHF to VHF, UHF to UHF, or cross band repeater. The new repeater is cost effective and compact in size compared to traditional repeaters. It is incredibly flexible so that you can install the repeater in a vehicle, an office, or a temporary location.

There are two optional housings available from Consam (one with a 240V PSU and handle, the other without a PSU or handle) to mount the repeater. Alternatively the repeater can be mounted using the supplied standard radio mounting brackets.


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Icom MRP Repeater Series (Commercial)
Icom MRP Repeater Series (Commercial)
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Price : £1628.88 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)