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The Japan Radio Company (JRC) NRD-630 is the NEW cutting-edge MF & HF receiver which contains cutting edge digital technologies for exceptional performance and ergonomics. The JRC NRD-630 covers from 9kHz to 30MHz which displays in 1Hz steps on the frequence counter.

The JRC NRD-630 commodities for LSB, USB, AM, CW and FSK (RTTY) mode use which has been designed to be used with 6, 3, 2.7, 1, 0.5 and 0.3 KHz bandwidth steps.

The image shown is with the optional desk Top cabinet fitted.

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The JRC NRD-630 has built-in 300 channel memories for storing frequence, mode, bandwidth, attenuator, and AGC parameters. Scan and sweep are supported.

JRC have offered a receiver which stability is improved by combining high-end OXCO and DSS circuits which made the it more suitable for not only SSB communications but also for data communications and facsimile.

The JRC NRD-630 has been designed for mounting in a standard 19-inch commercial rack.

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Price : £8577.70 (Inc VAT at 20.00%)