Yaesu VR-160

Yaesu VR-160
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The Yaesu VR-160 is a high-performance miniature communications receiver that covers frequencies from 100 kHz to 1299.995 MHz on the AM and FM (Wide and Narrow bandwidths) modes.

Coverage includes the AM and FM broadcast bands, HF Shortwave Bands, VHF and UHF TV bands, the VHF AM aircraft band, and a wide range of commercial and public safety frequencies. The incredibly small size allows you to take it anywhere - hiking, skiing, or walking and the compact FNB-82LI Lithium-Ion Battery Pack provides more than 20 hours of receiver operation. The VR-160 internal antenna bar provides excellent AM broadcast reception without the need of an external antenna.

The large High-resolution Dot Matrix LCD display provides clear, easily read frequency indication. The Band Scope function provides a high-resolution display of the relative signal strengths of up to ±50 adjacent channels. The VR-160 offers a comprehensive range of features and performance in a very small package.

Very small; weighs a maximum of 185g

Positive feel lock feature

Based on the VX-3 Transceiver

3.7V, 1100mAh, giving up to 23 hours of listening pleasure

3 x AA Alkaline Batteries needed, giving up to 28 hours of battery life

Provides good AM broadcast reception without the need of an external antenna

A built-in stereo decoder allows for great FM Broadcast reception

The AF Dual Operation circuit allows you to monitor your desired frequency while receiving AM or FM broadcast stations.

Continuous coverage without gaps. This radio features a large High-resolution Dot Matrix LCD display, and a Band Scope function

Easily selected by the user

900 Standard Memory Channel, 100 Frequency Skip Memories, 50 set of Band-edge Memories, and 24 Memory Banks.

Sends the designated Morse Code via the receiver's speaker to help your CW learning and training.
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