Foam Cleanser 30, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 400ML

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Foam Cleanser 30, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 400ML
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Ever wondered how all our used equipment looks so clean, free of finger-marks and a matt "as new out of the box finish?"   We've been using this simple to spray-on foam cleanser since the late seventies.   A single can of this will last you years!! 

Spray a light mist over the equipment (Front Panels, Cases, Microphones, anything), let it settle for 30 seconds and gently wipe clean with a soft micro-fibre cloth until all the streaks have gone. 

For more ingrained dirt, (i.e smokers stains etc) place the radio or accessory on several pieces of newspaper. Shower the item with foam cleanser and agitate the knobs with a tooth brush once the foam has settled after a 20 seconds. 

Leave the item to soak for 2-3 minutes.  Wipe off GENTLY, don't scrub hard as it will scratch the case and display lens.  You may need to use an extra microfibre cloth if the muck sliding off is that bad!

You can also buy a good quality microfibre cloth from us to go with the cleanser, see the drop down box. 

Watch our video of Foam Cleanser in action.

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