MFJ-993B IntelliTuner Automatic Antenna Tuner

MFJ-993B IntelliTuner Automatic Antenna Tuner
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300 Watt IntelliTuner Automatic Antenna Tuner.

The MFJ-993B IntelliTuner lets you tune any antenna automatically balanced or unbalanced - - ultra fast. It's a comprehensive automatic antenna tuning center complete with SWR/Watt-meter, antenna switch for two antennas and 4:1 current balun for balanced lines.
MFJs exclusive IntelliTuner, Adaptive Search and InstantRecall algorithms give you ultra fast automatic tuning with over 20000 non-volatile revolving memories. You get a highly efficient L-network, wide 6-1600 ohm matching at full 300 Watts SSB/150 Watts CW, 1.8-30 MHz coverage, Cross-Needle and digital meters, aural SWR meter, backlit LCD display, remote control port, radio interface, heavy-duty 16 amp/1000 volt relays and more.

It learns while you're having fun
As you're ragchewing, contesting or DXing, your MFJ-993 is learning! When you transmit, the MFJ-993 automatically tunes for minimum SWR and remembers your frequency and tuner settings. The next time you operate on that frequency and antenna, these tuner settings are instantly restored and you're ready to operate in milliseconds!

Each of two antennas can learn and remember over a thousand frequencies and tuner settings. They are safely stored in non-volatile revolving memory.

Highly Intelligent ultra fast tuning
MFJs InstantRecall™ first checks its memory to see if you have operated this frequency before. If so, tuning is instantaneous and you re ready to operate. If not, MFJ's IntelliTuner™ algorithm - - based on MFJ's famous SWR Analyzer technology - - kicks in. It measures the complex impedance of your antenna. Next, it calculates the components it needs and instantly snaps them in. Then, it fine tunes to minimize SWR -- you're ready to operate. It's all done in a fraction of a second.

When the impedance is within its measurement range, the MFJ-993 is the fastest automatic antenna tuner in the world.

If it can't accurately determine impedance, MFJ's AdaptiveSearch™ algorithm goes into action. Frequency is measured and relevant components values are determined. Only those values are searched for ultra-fast tuning.

For even faster searches, you can set the target SWR to 2 (settable 1.0-2.0). You can manually tune when you can't transmit (for listening out of ham bands).

Cross Needle and Digital SWR/Watt Meters
Lighted Cross-Needle and digital meters lets you accurately read SWR, forward and reflected power at a glance. An aural SWR meter lets you hear the tuned SWR when you can't see or read the meters. Turn on a highly visible, instant response SWR LCD bargraph when you need it.

Backlit LCD Display
An easy-to-read backlit LCD displays SWR, forward/reflected power, frequency, antenna 1/2, L/C tuner values, on/off indicators and other information.

Remote Control Port
Plug in the MFJ-993RC remote control and put your tuner at your antenna or elsewhere and control it remotely. The MFJ-993 supports radio tuner interfaces such as the ICOM 706 series. Interface cables are available.

The MFJ-993 is a compact 10Wx2¾ Hx9D inches. Use 12 15 VDC/1 amp or 110 VAC with MFJ-1316.

Tune any Antenna
You can tune any antenna — dipoles, verticals, beams, phased arrays, inverted vees, quads, random wires, mobile antennas, compact limited space antennas practically any antenna. A 4:1 true current balun lets you tune any balanced antenna - - horizontal loops, vertical loops, multi-band doublets, quads, folded dipoles, Zepps.

Automatically matches antennas from 6 to 1600 ohms impedance
Handles 300 watts PEP SSB, 150 watts CW
Tune in less than 15 seconds, usually less than 5 seconds
Over 20000 non-volatile memories for tuner settings
Highly efficient switching L-network matching circuit
1.8 to 30 MHz continuous frequency coverage
Adjustable target SWR 1.0 to 2.0
Adjustable SWR threshold 0.5 to 1.5
Lighted cross-needle SWR/wattmeter with high, low, and auto range options
Multifunction backlit LCD display with contrast control
Built-in frequency counter
Numeric readings for SWR, forward and reflected power
Bar meters for SWR, forward and reflected power
Aural SWR meter with volume control
Two SO-239 coax fed antenna connectors
Connector for random wire or single wire antennas
Built-in 4:1 current balun for balanced line antennas
Optional remote control
Optional radio interface for compatible radios
Impedance matching range: 6 to 1600 ohms
Minimum power for tuning: 5 watts
Maximum power while tuning: 100 watts with foldback, 20 watts without foldback
RF power limit: 300 watts PEP SSB, 150 watts CW
Frequency range: 1.8 to 30 MHz continuous coverage
Frequency counter accuracy: ±1 kHz across HF bands
Frequency counter range: up to 50 MHz
Capacitance range: 0 to 3908 pF nominal (256 values)
Inductance range: 0 to 24.86 µH nominal (256 values)
Relay rating: 16 amp 1000 volts
Relay electrical life: 100,000 operations
Relay mechanical life: 10 million operations
Memory endurance: 1 million write cycles
Memory data retention: 100 years
Power requirements: 12 - 15 volts DC, 2.1 × 5.5 mm coaxial plug, center pin positive
Current consumption: 1 amp or less
Dimensions (approx.): 10.1 × 2.8 × 9.2 in. (257 × 71 × 234 mm) (width/height/depth) not including connectors
Weight (approx.): 3.9 lb (1.77 kg).
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Was a little sceptical about this, however once I got my head round it I went from an S8 of interference down to an S5.I could hear the more distant stations a lot clearer, considering the amount of things in my house and general area ( overhead power lines all round) LED lighting etc I cant complain.
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