Mini-VNA Tiny - Antenna Analyzer up to 3 GHz

Mini-VNA Tiny - Antenna Analyzer up to 3 GHz
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The MiniVNA-TINY is a very compact antenna analyzer with USB connection. Remarkable is the very large frequency range from 1 to 3000 MHz. The MiniVNA-TINY is a network analyzer and does not only allow measurement of SWR and impdances of antennas. As a two-port system the MiniVNA-Tiny can be used for transmission measurements on band filters or amplifiers. The device works as a vectorial analzer, suitable to do typical quadrupole measurements of S11 and S21 parameters. The results can be displayed or stored as Smith diagram.

Due to the calibration with an optional calibration kit (open, short, load, see arrticle 21010.SMA) the measurement results are precise and easily reproducible. Impedance (Z) can be measured from 1 to 1000 Ω, the dynamic range is up to 70 dB. The analyser can be used as a low power HF generator as well. Power supply is done by the USB interface, an external power supply is not required. Software upgrades are also provided via the USB interface. The recommended software is 'VNA/J' the same software as already known from the other MinIVNA products. THis software is available for Windows, MAC and Linux, a new Android app is also available.

The Android app is called 'BlueVNA' and is available in the Google Play Store. The connection to the Android device is done by USB, you will require an OTG adaptor.

Download the manual clicking here

For other documents, software and links to the user forum; click HERE


• Frequency range 1MHz – 3GHz
• Calibration using open-short-load for accurate results
• Range of Z from 1 to 1000 ohm
• Two ports VNA with S11 and S21; displayed and save results
• RF Generator with output power of -6dBm @ 500 MHz
• Powered from USB
• SMA connectors for better isolation
• Dynamic range – up to 70 dB @ 500 MHz
• Boot loader for future firmware upgrades
• User friendly interface for PC Windows Linux and Mac
• Integrated Smith chart in software
• Android Mobile Phone software
• Export data in several formats JPEG, EXCEL, ZPLOT, S2P, PDF

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