Palstar FL30 TVI Filter

Palstar FL30 TVI Filter
Part Number: PAL/FL-30
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FL-30 Low Pass Filter Suppress television interference at the source with the Palstar 1500 Watt 30Mhz low pass filter • Use between transmitter and antenna or tuner • Reduces television interference (TVI) conducted by transmitters operating below 30 MHz • Suppresses harmonics appearing in the TV bands. • Additional attenuation to TV IF frequencies above 40 MHz • Low loss to 30 MHz, VSWR less than 1.3:1 • Nine pole inverse Chebyshev design

Specifications: Passband: 0-30 MHz Cutoff Frequency: 35 MHz Attenuation: > 70 db Power Capacity: 1500 watts pep Impedence: 50 Ω Insertion Loss: < .25 db

Hand built in the USA, the Palstar FL30 is a well constructed heavy duty 1,500W filter that will help to reduce TV interference at source. It reduces harmonic output by up to 60dB to give peace of mind when transmitting. This is one of the only LPF on the market using a 9-pole Chebyshev design. A massive 70 dB attenuation above 45 MHz

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