Array Solutions SixPak Antenna Switch

Array Solutions SixPak Antenna Switch
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SixPak Antenna Switch
The SixPak is an RF relay matrix designed to switch 6 antenna feedlines to two radios or amplifiers. It can be mounted inside the shack or outside up on the tower. Electro-mechanical fail-safe interlocking ensures neither radio can feed power into the other. 
A Word about Isolation
The Array Solutions SixPak has been designed to have more then enough isolation between the radio ports and antennas so that there is no possibility that you may damage the front ends of your radios even when you may be running up to 5 kW of power.  The isolation is so high that even 1,000,000 watts of power would be seen as 1 watt or less of power in the other radio.  Do not be concerned about isolation in this product.  Be more concerned about how much power your antennas are coupling to each other, which is a different problem. That is why we sell the finest band pass filters ever made.  With over 1500 SixPaks sold to date, as of Aug, 2003, the proof is established.  Be careful of knock-off products. Look carefully at their specifications and lockout methods. Don't trust your £3,500+ radios to just anyone.

Configured as a 6X1 matrix, the SixPak makes an ideal, high-performance remote antenna switch. Its micro strip line design assures low insertion loss and very low SWR. High-power relays are used throughout to maintain the reliability and quality that Array Solutions is known for.
An aluminum painted, water shedding and lightning protective metal cover is included with the unit with U-bolt for mounting outside. The cover has an extended lip below the connector tray to avoid any water blowing up into the unit.
The relay matrix can be controlled with the SixPak dual control box, which has 12 LEDs to indicate the antennas being used by the radios. Another SixPak dual control box can be slaved in parallel to the first to provide antenna control for a remotely located radio in the shack or in the next room.
It is insured by our Lifetime Warranty Policy, if for some reason the unit fails we will fix it or replace it at no cost to you except for shipping to us.  This does not apply to acts of God. But we can usually fix even  lightning damage at a very low price.
Also take a look at the Review by K5ZD in the NCJ, National Contest Journal
Key Benefits
bullet Six antennas to two radios, or six antennas to one radio.
bullet Safety interlocked to protect your radios
bullet Saves on hard-line if used on the tower
bullet High isolation between radios to avoid interference
bullet Mil-Spec Teflon SO-239, or N connectors for reliability
bullet Extremely low insertion loss
bullet HF to 6 Meters
bullet Can be controlled from Automatic band decoders with 12V outputs
SixPak Specifications
Measurement 14Mhz 30Mhz 50Mhz
Radio to Radio Isolation -82 dB -80 dB -77 dB signal inserted in one port to antenna buss, second radio port measured
Radio to Antenna Isolation -60 dB -55 dB -50 dB signal connected to antenna on one side, then opened for measurement
Insertion Loss Radio to any Antenna port .05 dB .05 dB .2 dB signal inserted into antenna port and measured at radio port
SWR Radio to any Antenna port 1:1 1:1 1.15:1  
Power Rating all modes CW, SSB, RTTY 5 KW 5 KW 3 KW This measurement is calculated not made
Measurements made with calibrated HP power source, HP power meter, HP spectrum analyzer. These are typical numbers measured with a production unit.
Dimensions: 11.5 X 6 X 3.5 inches and weighs 6.5 lbs. The control box is 3 X 6 X 3 inches and weighs ½ lb.
SixPak Manual - Set up and operating instructions for the SixPak.
See how to set up a SO2R station and a Multi-1 or Multi-2 station using SixPaks in our applications note section!  Application notes


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