Mast Supports
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Tilt Over Mast Support - BE102

A special feature of the design is the latch mechanism which holds the mast safely in the upright position while the securing bolt...

£140.87(Inc VAT at 20%)
Tilt Over Mast Base - BE103

This design is based on the well proven gin pole technique, with the addition of many other practical features all combined in one...

£154.21(Inc VAT at 20%)
Portable Mast Base - BE104

Portable mast base for the temporary mast where your vehicle can be used both as support and weight to anchor the mast.

£60.98(Inc VAT at 20%)
Free Standing Spider - BE105

Four 2" sockets with 2xM12 bolts located on each socket and arranged to give three leg supports and one vertical.

£132.71(Inc VAT at 20%)
Base Tilt Support - BE201

The base tilt support is designed to use with the 2" or 50mm mast, a suitable wall bracket on and a pulley system.

£44.42(Inc VAT at 20%)
Short Tilt Support - BE203

The short tilt support is similar to the BE201 but, is designed to hold a 2" on 1.5" aluminium mast, to be used in conjunction wit...

£42.94(Inc VAT at 20%)
Mast Ground Support - BE204

BE204 is a simple socket mast support and is ideal where there is not the need to lower the mast at frequent intervals.

£16.24(Inc VAT at 20%)
Double Socket - BE205

The double socket is designed to hinge a 2" or 50mm mast some distance above the ground.

£53.40(Inc VAT at 20%)
Ground Spike with Tilt - BE206

This tilt version allows larger aerial systems to be erected with fewer people. The ground spike is 12" long and will accept ...

£50.42(Inc VAT at 20%)
Ground Spike with Fixed Socket - BE207

The ground spike is 12" long and will accept up to 2" masting. (Image of Ground Spike with Tilt)

£29.58(Inc VAT at 20%)
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