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Get more out of your radio! No more messing with wires & cables Built in RS 232 modem. Electronic “Y” Splitter for the Yaesu FT-817, FT-857 & FT-897.

The bhi CAT-MATE is an electronic “Y” splitter that enables the bhi Radio Mate compact keypad to operate with other CAT accessories for the Yaesu radio series, and can also be used as a standalone product. The key benefit of the CAT-MATE is that it allows more than one accessory to be connected to the radio’s CAT port at the same time, meaning that you don't need to dis-connect & re-connect your CAT port accessories each time they are used.

The CAT-MATE is able to receive commands from either of its two CAT input ports and connect to a single radio, be it an FT-817, FT-857 and FT-897. The appropriate reply from the radio will then be directed to the port from which the command was issued. For greater flexibility the CAT-MATE has a built-in RS-232 (PC) to CAT interface that allows operation with PC control software programmes such as the FT-817 Commander, SuperControl, and Ham Radio Deluxe etc. The RS-232 interface has an integrated Null Modem so that a special Null Modem cable is NOT required (just a standard 9 way D-type serial cable is needed), and a USB to serial adapter can be also used via a 9 way D-type cable like the bhi 9WAYCAT lead below (not all USB to serial adapters are compatible). The unit operates from power provided by the radio set and distributes this to the other two CAT ports. Other signals, such as the ALC, TX Inhibit and Band information are fed through the unit to both CAT ports. LED’s are provided at the three CAT ports to provide an indication as to which ports are active or being utilised. As data appears at a port, the LED associated with that port and the Radio port will light while active. If the RS232 port is being used, the CAT 2 port will light.


  1. The CAT-MATE is not currently suitable when using a tuner (such as the FC-30, FC-40 etc.) on the FT-857/D or FT-897/D that uses the radio's Tune function/button and the CAT port of the radio for control.
  2. It is recommended that you only switch on one accessory to save on battery life (FT-817), plus the radio’s cat port is only designed to cope with a single set of instructions at a time, and problems might occur if more than one accessory is switched on at the same time.)
  3. The new frequency nudge mode on the Radio Mate keypad does not currently work when the Radio Mate is connected through the CAT-MATE.

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