MegActiv MA305 Active Antenna

MegActiv MA305 Active Antenna
Part Number: BON-MA305
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MegActiv MA305 Active Antenna

With the MegActiv 305 we expand our choice of USB-powered E-field active antennas. The MegActiv 305 close the gap between the Boni-Whip and the GigActiv GA3005 E-Field Antennas. This noise-free antenna, which is produced according to the highest standards, covers the frequency range between 9 kHz and 300 MHz. With a radiating element of only 22 cm / 8,66 inch it can be erected inconspicuously. It can be powered with 5-15 V DC (max.40mA) and alternatively with the supplied Dual Power unit CPI 1000DP via USB.

On shortwave, its IP3-value is typically >+30dBm at 7 MHz.
Frequency range: 9KHz – 300MHz
Enlarged and flexible 200mm radiating element.


Large supply voltage range of 5-15V with a power requirement of only 10 mA. Thus it can be powered via USB or autonomously and noise- free via a separate USB Power Bank.


  • Integrated double surge protection of the active components: Coarse protection by gas discharge tubes with 60V firing voltage with max. pulse leakage current 1kA (8/20µs) with additional integrated ESD fine protection of max. 2kV.
  • Standard delivery with DualPower power unit CPI1000DP (external power supply and USB-operation possible)
  • IP3:>typ. +30dBm
  • IP2:>typ. +50dBm
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