DX Engineering Hot Rodz Antenna Capacity Hats DXE-HR-1P

DX Engineering Hot Rodz Antenna Capacity Hats DXE-HR-1P
Part Number: DXE-HR-1P
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The DX Engineering Hot Rodz™ is an adjustable capacity hat system that increases the efficiency and gain of single-band vertical antennas, such as those from Hustler and Pro Am.

Hot Rodz can even shorten the height of the antenna by eliminating the need for a whip. Hot Rodz can also be used on the Hustler 4, 5 and 6-BTV Series antennas by experienced antenna practitioners.
When an antenna is shortened from its naturally resonant length, the feedpoint becomes capacitive. To offset the additional capacitance, it is common to add inductance in the form of a loading coil to restore the resonance. However, the additional inductor increases the resistance, which increases the loss in the antenna. Hot Rodz solve this problem by using a capacity hat—a series of horizontal rods that counters the effects of shortened vertical antennas.

The DX Engineering Hot Rodz™ Kit includes:

* Precision machined 6061 T6 hub
* Stainless steel set screws
* 18 pre-cut stainless steel rods:
3 sets of 6'' rods
3 sets of 12'' rods
3 sets of 24'' rods
* 18 plastic safety tips.
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