DX Engineering Maxi-Core® Feedline Current Chokes DXE-FCC050-H05-B

DX Engineering Maxi-Core® Feedline Current Chokes DXE-FCC050-H05-B
Part Number: DXE-FCC050-H05-B
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Antenna Type CompatibilityAntenna Mounting Type
Log periodic, 50 ohm, direct coax feed Boom
Vertical, 50 ohm, direct coax feed Adapter bracket
Yagi, 50 ohm, direct coax feed Boom
Yagi, gamma matched Boom

DX Engineering Feedline Current Chokes, using Maxi-Core® technology, prevent unwanted RFI by eliminating feedline current and radiation in 50 ohm, coaxially fed antenna systems. They provide excellent feedline decoupling and low loss performance from 1 to 60 MHz and are power rated for 2 kW continuous, 5 kW intermittent on antenna feedlines with an SWR below 2:1. 

The new DXE-FCC050-H05-B has both SO-239 connectors isolated from the aluminum case and no stud, which replaces the original DXE-FCC050-H05-A that had only one isolated connector and a rarely used grounding stud. This inline choke is also known as a Line Isolator, so it works very well when placed at the station end of the feedline or it may be used at the antenna end of the feedline. It behaves as a 1:1 Current Balun, even though it is connected to the antenna feedpoint with a short piece of coaxial cable. 

DX Engineering Feedline Current Chokes have significantly higher common mode impedance and a larger effective core area than similar line isolators, including conventional enameled wire or bead baluns. This results in higher power handling with lower loss, improved antenna bandwidth, and reduced RFI, and compensates for a less-than-optimal grounding system. 

While the most common advice is to improve the station's RF ground, the root of the problem is in the poor isolation of the feedline from antenna currents. In other cases, as the coax feedline travels through the near-field of the antenna, the current can be reintroduced to the feedline after the balun. 

If your SWR is already low and you wish to reduce feedline radiation (RFI) and improve reception, DX Engineering Maxi-Core® Feedline Current Chokes are highly recommended.

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