DX Engineering Plug-in Modules DXE-RPA-2-PM

DX Engineering Plug-in Modules DXE-RPA-2-PM
Part Number: DXE-RPA-2-PM
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Manufacturer's Part Number:DXE-RPA-2-PM
DXE Part Number:DXE-RPA-2-PM

Receive Antenna System Device Type:Receive preamplifier module
Receive Feedline Connector Type:None
Quantity:Sold individually.
DX Engineering RPA-2-PM Receive Preamplifier Plug-in Modules offer all of the benefits of our world –class RPA series preamplifiers, now in a new pc board module that can be optionally added to these DX Engineering devices:
DXE-NCC-2 Receive Antenna Phasing Systems – accommodates two preamp modules, one for each channel
DXE-RTR-2 Modular Receive-Transmit Interfaces – accommodate one preamp module

DX Engineering RPA-2-PM Receive Preamplifier Plug-in Modules offer the best low noise, receive preamplification available--period. They are optimized for the 300 kHz through 35 MHz frequency range, and were exclusively researched and developed with an advanced push-pull amplifier design that eliminates harmonic distortion, a common problem in many other preamplifiers. A high quiescent current increases their ability to handle strong signals without distortion or overload. DXE-RPA-2-PM plug-in modules are directly compatible only with DX Engineering NCC-2 Receive Antenna Phasing Systems and DXE-RTR-2 Modular Receive-Transmit Interfaces.

Meticulous craftsmanship and durable, robust components enable these preamplifiers to withstand high signal levels, providing superior dynamic range and third-order intercept performance that actually makes RPA-2 preamplifier modules better than most receiver and transceiver front-ends.

With DX Engineering Receive Preamplifiers ensure the best possible results for your HF, Low Band, AM DXing and SWL reception. You will be able to pull in the weakest signals and snag that rare one, under the most difficult conditions, when you need it the most. 

These modules are not designed to be connected to a transmitting RF feedline. They are intended for use with DXE-NCC-2 Receive Antenna Phasing Systems or may be used in conjunction with the DXE-RTR-2 Modular Receive-Transmit Interfaces for receiver front-end enhancement and operations with transceivers and transmitting antennas.

RPA-2 Receive Preamplifier Plug-in Modules are high performance devices that are switched on or off with dedicated switches in the units they are installed. Therefore, those devices would require well filtered and regulated DC power with maximum performance at 12 to 18 Vdc input. Do not use a cheap wall transformer for the units that contain these preamplifier modules.

DX Engineering RPA-2 Receive Preamplifier Modules offer superior receiving results on today's crowded medium and shortwave bands as well as on the ham bands. 

Here are the specifications for these incredible DX Engineering RPA-2 Receive Preamplifier Plug-in Modules:

* Designed for use internally with either the DXE-NCC-2 or the DXE-RTR-2
* Gain: 16 dB, +/- 1.5 dB, from 300 kHz through 35 MHz
* Dynamic range (IM3) at 500 Hz BW: 110 dB or greater 
* Output Third Order Intercept: +43 dBm
* Noise figure: 3.5 dB 
* Compression: 1 dB at +26 dBm (~0.4 W output)
* Power requirement: 12-18 Vdc @ 140 mA maximum
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