DX Engineering Receiver Guard Electronic RF Limiters DXE-RG5000HD

DX Engineering Receiver Guard Electronic RF Limiters DXE-RG5000HD
Part Number: DXE-RG5000HD
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Manufacturer's Part Number:DXE-RG5000HD
DXE Part Number:DXE-RG5000HD

Receive Antenna System Device Type:Passive receiver input limiter
Receive Feedline Connector Type:BNC
Quantity:Sold individually.
Notes:This receive only RF limiting device cannot be connected directly to transmitting equipment. Use with DXE-RTR-1A on transceivers without RX ANT INPUT.

DX Engineering Receiver Guard Electronic RF Limiters are the best limiter devices to choose when your receive antenna input could be subjected to high levels of RF. 

The DXE-RG-5000HD and DXE-RG-5000 are specifically designed to protect a sensitive receiver front-end against high levels of RF from nearby transmit signals. DX Engineering Receiver Guards are a must for multiple radio contesting stations and they provide low-cost front-end "insurance." Use them in these common high-RF situations, among others:

- Receive antennas in very close proximity to transmit antennas
- Field-day operations with many transmitters in close range
- Multi-transmitter contesting sites
- Neighboring Amateur and CB operators
- Frequent high-power mobile encounters

Extensively tested and proven in real-world stations, DX Engineering offers two Receiver Guards:

- The new DXE-RG-5000HD works for all radios and offers the ultimate performance required by the upper tier of transceivers tested to have the best narrow-spaced third-order dynamic range or published RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range). These transceivers include Elecraft K3 series, FlexRadio 6700, 5000A and 3000, Icom IC-7851, Kenwood TS-990S and 590S(G), TenTec Orion series, Yaesu FTdx-5000 series, and other radios with similar performance.

- The original DXE-RG-5000 offers excellent dynamic range and performance characteristics to cover the capabilities of all other transceivers and receivers.

At the heart of each Receiver Guard is a highly effective electronic RF limiter covering 500 kHz to 150 MHz with an insertion loss under 0.15 dB at 50 MHz and under 0.3 dB to 150 MHz. Their multi-stage design includes a gas discharge tube for maximum pulse energy protection. 

These are passive electronic limiters and not filters, so competitive contesting stations still use separate band filters. For example Receiver Guard limiter model DXE-RG-5000HD can reject 10 watts of catastrophic receive antenna feedline RF while passing a signal of about 87 dB over S-9, which is only 25 mw! That level is well under the point of front end damage. 

When there are high levels of RF on your receive antennas, DX Engineering's Receiver Guards generate far less harmonic noise than other limiters on the market, which allows your station to continue to operate safely and competitively. At normal HF signal levels Receiver Guard operates continuously with no effect on the performance of your station while providing the best possible protection for your radio.

Here are key Receiver Guard features:
* Keeps stray high levels of RF from damaging your receiver input
* Ideal for separate 160 and/or 80 meter receive systems with large pulse and RF energy capture area
* Uses state of the art components for maximum protection of receivers 
* Under 6 ns response time
* Multi-Stage protection
* Very low insertion loss
* Uses BNC type connectors to avoid accidental connection a transmit line
* Has been developed and tested in world-recognized multi-multi contest station K3LR

Specifications - DX Engineering Receiver Guard models DXE-RG-5000 and DXE-RG-5000HD 
Frequency Range: 0.5 through 150 MHz 
Insertion Loss: < 0.15 dB up to 50 MHz, < 0.3 dB 50 MHz up to 150 MHz
VSWR: < 1.2:1 
Maximum Output Level at 10 W input: RG-5000HD +14 dBm (0.025 W); RG-5000: +10 dBm (0.010 W)
Maximum Power Handling: 10 W CCS (Continuous Commercial Service)
System Impedance: 50 to 75 ohms, unbalanced
Connectors, Input and Output: BNC female

Note: Whenever the DX Engineering "Documentation" tab is available, please look at the associated files for additional product information.

What happens if the receive antenna is extremely close to the transmit antenna, or there is an antenna support or other system failure that causes a high RF level to enter the receive antenna input? A DX Engineering Receiver Guard can save the day! Order yours now.

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