DXE-4030VA-1 HF Vertical Antenna

DXE-4030VA-1 HF Vertical Antenna
Part Number: DXE-4030VA-1
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Product Information
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Manufacturer's Part Number:DXE-4030VA-1
Part Type:HF Vertical Antennas and Packages
Product Line:DX Engineering 4030VA-1 Dual-Band THUNDERBOLT® Vertical Antennas
DXE Part Number:DXE-4030VA-1

HF Vertical Antenna Type:Dual-band, resonant
Vertical Antenna Height:30.00 ft.
Antenna Wind Survival:60 mph
Antenna Power Rating:2,000 W
Maximum Antenna Tubing Diameter:2.000 in.
Vertical Antenna Mount Type:Tilt base
Antenna Mount Operation:Single operator walk-up
HF Vertical Antenna Mount Material:Stainless steel
Vertical Antenna Mount Included:Yes
Mounting Clamps Included:No
Mast Mounting Clamp Minimum:1.250 in.
Mast Mounting Clamp Maximum:2.000 in.
Radial Plate Included:No
Radial Wire Included:No
UNUN Included:No
Antenna Tuner Required:No
Antenna Tuner Included:No
Antenna Feedline Connection Type:Stainless hardware
Antenna Weight:22.00 lbs.
Quantity:Sold as a kit.
Notes:Customer-supplied radial wires required. A greater number of radials improves performance, but radial length is not critical for a ground-mounted vertical antenna installation.
Add Radials for Higher Performance:Yes

Additional Information

HF Vertical Antenna BandHF Vertical Antenna Mounting Position
40 meters Ground
40 meters Elevated
30 meters Elevated
30 meters Ground

DX Engineering's Dual-Band THUNDERBOLT® 40/30 Meter Vertical Antennas are high performance dual-band pile-up busters that are tunable to operate with an SWR of 1.5:1 or less across both bands. The maximum power rating ensures solid performance, particularly on CW. Plus, the digital modes are popular on 30 meters. 

The massive EXTREN® channel insulator supporting the rugged structural grade type 6063-T832 drawn aluminum antenna radiator has over twice the tensile and flexural strength of competitive nylon plastic materials, and they are superior for their RF handling characteristics. Designed with rugged 6063 heat-treated, corrosion-resistant aluminum tubing and stainless steel hardware, these antennas are very durable and attractive. 

Now, you can have full quarter wave performance on both bands without having to compromise. Of course, another key to performance is a good ground radial system. We recommend 32 radials, 32 ft. long. Fewer radials will work, but with diminished results. These antennas include the antenna element, insulated Extren mounting channel, mounting plate, tilt base, stainless steel hardware, and stainless steel element clamps. See Suggested Parts for additional items that will enhance the performance of your installation.

DX Engineering's Dual-Band THUNDERBOLT® 40/30 Meter Vertical Antennas feature:

* Full band coverage on 40 and 30 meters with SWR under 1.5:1, with no tuner needed 
* 40m bandwidth greater than 750 kHz with SWR under 2:1 
* Tunable above and below 7 MHz range for MARS and CAP frequencies 
* Over maximum legal power handling 
* Optimum 30 ft. overall height 
* Self-supporting design to withstand 60 mph wind without guying

Note: For additional information, please look at the files under the "Documentation" tab.

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