DXE-CSB-COMBO - Combo Pack

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DXE-CSB-COMBO - Combo Pack
Part Number: DXE-CSB-COMBO
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Ferrite Beads in a Split Carrier, Combo Pack - Assorted Pack of 8.

- Reduce or eliminate ignition/injector noise
- 3 S-units improvement not uncommon!
- Hear many more stations
- 31-mix is optimal for HF
- Snaps on - no cutting
- Mobile or home use - any RFI application

Note: Using string of Ferrite beads on a coaxial feedline to reduce feedline coupling or RFI will never work as well as a good current balun.

- Radio Power Leads
- Digital Interfaces - Rig to PC Audio and PTT
- Wall Wart Power Leads
- Speaker Wires
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