DXE-NCC-2 Receive Antenna Phasing System

DXE-NCC-2 Receive Antenna Phasing System
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Receive Antenna Phasing Controller, Enhanced Controls, RTR + Module Slots, Uses+Bias-T 12 to 21 Vdc, 2A, Each

Imagine adjusting the controls to knock out strong interfering stations or noise and then being able to copy and log that weak DX station. After successfully combining your antennas with the advanced phasing capabilities of the NCC-2, this is the operating thrill that every radio enthusiast can enjoy - again and again!

DX Engineering NCC-2 Receive Antenna Phasing Systems are all-new 300 kHz- 30MHz variable phasing controllers that combine the received signals from one transmit antenna and one receive antenna, or from two receive antennas. Based on the exceptional NCC-1, these units are completely redesigned, with improved phase and balance controls for easier adjustment of the wide variations in signal levels from very different antennas. By combining two stationary antennas, an array pattern is created with signal peaks and dips, called nulls. Adjusting the phase control has the effect of electronically rotating or steering that pattern. Steering the null direction to significantly weaken an interfering signal or noise, local or distant, can dramatically enhance the reception of weak signals from other directions! Having this "reverse-beam" capability on low frequencies, AM Broadcast through HF, can provide amazing benefits for many types of operating. Work the DX, hear the weak station in casual conversations, snag the rare multiplier in contests, and cut through noise and interference in dire circumstances.

DX Engineering NCC-2 Phasing Systems now feature the built-in RTR Receive-Transmit Interface relay system that expands the exciting benefits of antenna phasing for interference reduction in two ways:
--First, the NCC-2 can combine signals from the HF transmit antenna and a separate receive antenna to effectively notch-out strong stations or noise. Almost any Amateur can now enjoy the benefits of antenna phasing and noise-nulling, even those with space-limitations for separating the receiving and transmitting antennas.
--Second, the user of any standard HF transceiver, which does not have a separate receive antenna input, can now enjoy the enhanced reception of noise and signal nulling with the DXE-NCC-2 and two antennas. Rear panel SO-239, F and BNC connectors makes NCC-2s extremely versatile and easy to connect to almost any receiver or HF transceiver up to 200 watts. 

Redesigned with a completely new internal arrangement, the NCC-2 Receive Antenna Phasing Systems include one switched and powered internal slot and two passive internal slots per channel to accommodate these new options:
-- DXE-RPA-2-PM Receive Preamplifier Plug-In Modules – one per channel, crucial for low-signal antennas and conditions
-- DXE-RG5000HD-PM Receiver Guard 5000HD Plug-In Module – Front-end protection for the NCC-2 and the receiver
- DXE-IT-PM 75 to 50 ohm Impedance Transformer Plug-In Module - for 75 ohm RX ANT feedlines, matches to NCC-2 50 ohm internal impedance
-- And coming later- New High Pass and Band Pass Filter Plug-in Modules for the NCC-2 

DX Engineering NCC-2 Receive Antenna Phasing Systems offer these new additional benefits:
-- Multi-Color Status Indicating LEDs for Power, RTR Mode and Preamp Power CH A and CH B
--New Radio Key-Line Input with RX Enable Output-RTR Failsafe to prevent RF damage to NCC-2 and RX equipment
-- New ACC Key Line Output RCA female 'ground on transmit' pass-through for Amplifier or Accessory 
-- Internal jumper to enable DC injection onto receive feedline for Active Vertical or Magnetic Loop Antennas
-- New screw-on 2.1mm DC connector to prevent accidental power cable pull-out
--Capable of up to 21+ Vdc input to power the NCC-2 and connected Active Verticals or Loops

Offering new and experienced radio enthusiasts the next level of reception enhancements, DX Engineering model NCC-2 Receive Antenna Phasing Systems are ready to thrill you, too!
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