DXE-RR8-HP-P1 Antenna Switch

DXE-RR8-HP-P1 Antenna Switch
Part Number: DXE-RR8-HP-P1
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The DXE-RR8-HP is the smallest antenna switch in the DX Engineering RR8 series. It is designed to switch up to 8 coaxial lines in low to medium power RF systems. Sealed relays provide exceptional performance and are moisture resistant.

The RR8-HP can be configured to simultaneously select multiple output ports as well as conventional one-of-eight antenna switching. This allows the RR8-HP to be used in complex antenna phasing and stacking systems as well as traditional switching arrangements.
The RR8-HP uses a star arrangement of 16 relays to select 8 output ports when voltage is applied from an 8-wire control line. The 16 relays provide improved power handling, much better port-to-port isolation and SWR performance over conventional 8-relay switches and allow selection of multiple output port connections between any of the eight output ports. The RR8-HP has virtually no loss at HF and excellent low-loss performance at VHF with less than 0.25 dB loss at 150 MHz

- Power Rating: 7kW ICAS, 5kW CCS all modes with SWR of 2:1 or less.
- Control Voltage: 10-14 Vdc at 100 mA
- Port-to-Port Isolation: >70 dB below 30 MHz, >60 dB below 60 MHz, >45 dB below 150 MHz
- Loss: - Impedance: 50 ohms
- Control Line: 8-wire line larger than #24 for runs up to 1000 ft. (The feedline serves as a ground return. CAT-5 or standard low voltage control wiring, such as telephone wire, is acceptable.)
- Dimensions: 8.625 x 8.125 x 3.750'' (219 x 206.4 x 95.25 mm) mounting bracket extends 1.875'' (47.63mm) above the unit.
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