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FlexRadio Accessories
FlexRadio Accessories
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Flex Antenna Genius 8×2

Achieve Shack Harmony.  Operate intelligently and make the most out of your dual RX transceiver. Perfect for your 6...

£899.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Flex Maestro Power Supply

  Spare/replacement AC Power Supply for Maestro (UK) 120/240 VAC to 12 VDC 25W power supply for international usage.  ...

£39.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
FlexRadio Branded Soft-Side Travel Case

Soft-side canvas bag with FlexRadio logo for on-the-go ham. Room for Maestro, headset, keyer, cables and numerous accessory items....

£142.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Flex FlexRadio Maestro Feet

Tilt Hinge Feet for Maestro The tilt hinge feet option for Maestro are constructed from black anodized NC machined aluminum. &nbs...

£119.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
FlexControl USB Controled Tuning Knob

FlexControl USB Controlled Tuning Knob Features: Full time PowerSDR tuning Fully programmable multi-knob and push buttons Mo...

£179.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Power Bank Battery

Power Battery Pack 10000mAH 2-Port USB Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank - 4 hours approx for your Maestro, DV Mega and...

£27.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Rigid Protective Cover for Maestro Control Console

This powder coated acrylic cover form fits to the face of your Maestro to help protect the screen and face of the unit from scratc...

£55.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Rack Mount for FLEX-6500 and FLEX-6700

Black anodized aluminum Rack Mount for FLEX-6500 and FLEX-6700 (Not installed at Factory)

£99.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Handles for 6500/6700

handles for 6500/6700  

£58.99(Inc VAT at 20%)
Power Genius Rack Mount

This heavy duty rackmount tray is the perfect solution for the Power Genius XL Amplifier. The quality finish and constru...

£249.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
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