Icom ID-5100 Accessories

Icom ID-5100 Accessories
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UT-133A - Bluetooth unit for ID-5100

Bluetooth unit for ID-5100 The current Icom UT-133 Bluetooth unit is being replaced with a new version that is compatible wit...

£48.00(Inc VAT at 20%)
Icom SP-35 Mobile External Speaker

The SP-35L external speaker replaces the SP-22 or SP-25 external speakers currently supplied with some of our mobile radios. The S...

£42.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Icom VS-3 Bluetooth headset with earpiece and microphone (comes with PTT switch).
(1 review)

Optional VS-3 Bluetooth pendant earpiece microphone has volume adjust buttons, PTT and three programmable buttons. Can be used wit...

£89.99(Inc VAT at 20%)
MBA-2 - Controller Bracket

For the MBF-1 Suction Cup Mounting Bracket

£18.00(Inc VAT at 20%)
MBF-1 - Mounting Base for Controller

Mounting base for the controller for the following Icom radiosMBA-1 is required for the Icom IC-7100E MBA-2 is required for t...

£54.00(Inc VAT at 20%)

 Mobile Mounting Bracket for IC-5100 and IC-2730.

£19.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
OPC-2350LU USB Data Communication Cable

The OPC-2350LU USB Data Communication Cable, originally introduced as an optional accessory for the 50th anniversary versions of ...

£54.00(Inc VAT at 20%)
Proequip BT550 Bluetooth Headset

A lot of Icom’s transceivers have evolved over the years and more and more are featuring Bluetooth, such as the ID-5...

£60.00(Inc VAT at 20%)
Icom OPC-1529R

The Icom OPC-1529R is a data communication cable (RS-232C type -  requires RS-232 port) .

£25.20(Inc VAT at 20%)
Icom OPC-1156

Controller Extension Cable. Extends the supplied separation cable by 3.5 m (11.5 ft). A modular connector is supplied with the cab...

£22.20(Inc VAT at 20%)
Icom OPC-2218LU - Data Cable

Cloning Cable (USB type)

£54.00(Inc VAT at 20%)
Icom OPC-647

The Icom OPC-647 is a 2.5m microphone extension cable.

£42.00(Inc VAT at 20%)
Icom OPC-440

The Icom OPC-440 is a microphone extension cable, 5.0m

£66.00(Inc VAT at 20%)
Icom OPC-589

OPC-589 Cable Microphone adapter cable The OPC-589 will allow the use of a standard HM-219 8-pin lead microphone on the newer st...

£25.20(Inc VAT at 20%)
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