Proequip BT550 Bluetooth Headset

Proequip BT550 Bluetooth Headset
Part Number: BT-550
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A lot of Icom’s transceivers have evolved over the years and more and more are featuring Bluetooth, such as the ID-5100E VHF/UHF Dual Band D-STAR Digital Transceiver, IC-F5400D/F6400D Mobile Digital Two-Way Radio Series and the IP501H LTE/PoC Handheld Transceiver. While Bluetooth technology isn’t necessarily new, having a hands-free feature for a radio that you could use in a vehicle on a public road does mean that the radio is complying with the law.

The ProEquip BT550 Bluetooth headset has been designed as a hands-free device for a mobile phone and a radio transceiver. It can be used as a PTT device and features dual microphone control as well as dual connectivity, so you could have your mobile phone connected to the headset as well as a Bluetooth enabled radio transceiver. The BT550 also has an operating time of 12 hours, standby time of 100 hours and utilises DSP (Digital Signal Processing) noise reduction technology to ensure you get heard in even the noisiest of environments.

This Bluetooth headset is compatible with the following Icom models: IC-F52D/F62D, IC-F3400D/F4400D Series, IC-F5400D/F6400D Series, IC-2730E (UT-133 unit must be installed), ID-4100E (UT-137 unit must be installed), ID-5100E (UT-133 unit must be installed), IC-R30, IC-A16E, IC-A25NE, IC-A120E (UT-133 unit must be installed) and the IP501H.


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