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  Most directional circular and cross polarity antennas need to have the feed lines routed off the rear of the antenna to minimize antenna interaction with the feed lines. This causes installers to droop the feed lines off the rear of the antennas and back to the main cross boom, which can leave feed lines vulnerable for snagging or hanging up on objects in the area. M2 Universal L-Brace kits provide a cable routing system on antenna arrays when using only a single antenna mounted on a horizontal cross boom. L-brace kits not only provide a cable routing system, but also provide some structural re-enforcement. Our universal “L” brace kit can be used with our popular satellite antennas 2MCP14, 2MCP22, 436CP30, 436CP42UG and all of our cross polarity EME type antennas. See our full line of antennas, stacking frames, “T” brace kits and “L” brace kits.
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