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 The S3 Sequencer is a device that, given a discrete input, provides sequential time-delayed outputs to various devices, and when the input is removed, likewise shuts off those outputs in time-delayed reverse order.

Weak-signal communications, particularly at VHF and above, sometimes require performance that cannot be delivered by a transceiver alone. Often, a low noise preamplifier (LNA), a power amplifier (PA) and sometimes a transverter are needed to afford the extra edge necessary for terrestrial, Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) and satellite communications. It is vital to provide extra transmit-receive (T/R) isolation and switching with enough time delay to ensure that an ill-timed burst of power doesn’t destroy sensitive equipment. A sequencer is the “brains” of a weak-signal station. 

When using an M2 Antenna Systems, Inc. preamplifier with the built in test feature, the Test button activates the onboard noise test as an aid to testing and troubleshooting your antenna system.

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