MESSI & PAOLONI PL259 for Airborne 10, Hyperflex 10, Ultraflex10, BROAD PRO 50, RG213, RG214

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MESSI & PAOLONI PL259 for Airborne 10, Hyperflex 10, Ultraflex10, BROAD PRO 50, RG213, RG214
Part Number: CO.UHF.10M-S EVO
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Moreover this connector is well protected against moisture thanks to a cute compression inner mechanism.
Solder type "F" male connector for:
  • M&P-BROAD-PRO 50
  • M&P-BROAD-PRO 50 Double Jacket (BROAD-PRO 50 BIGUAINA)
  • M&P-ULTRAFLEX 10 (MEP-FLEX 10, NEOFLEX 10, H2010)
  • Airborne 10
  • RG 213/U
  • RG 214 A/U
  • Hyperflex 10
Click here to view just some of the equipment used to manufacture cables at the M&P Factory in Italy.

  The following is an example only, so connector and cable shown in images may differ, but the assembly process is correct.
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I won't use anything else
All the M&P connectors I've used are excellent and I've used PL259 and N-type for Ultraflex 10, Ultraflex 7 and Hyperflex 5. I make a lot of leads for myself, my friends and my club and always recommend these and those who have paid the extra have all been extremely impressed by the look, feel and high quality of the plugs. Every plug in my system and my spares box is M&P, I will not use anything else. They are fairly expensive but in this case you really do get what you pay for and more. I highly recommend them. The M&P coax is outstanding too and the new crystal just looks amazing.
Top Quality
These connectors may appear expensive but they are well made and worth every penny to achieve a connection that you will be completly confident with.
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